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Summer Discipleship Project

One of the most fruitful discipleship programs we run at Grace Midtown is SDP (Summer Discipleship Project), it’s a 9 week immersion experience for college students. Each year we take about 50 guys and girls away for the summer to Myrtle Beach, SC. they live in community, work jobs and… Read more »


David the Honorable

I preached this message on honor and  what it means to live in a culture where that is the under girding of each relationship a few weeks ago. Understanding the incredibly deep spiritual implications of our relationships has impacted me greatly recently and it was awesome to have the opportunity… Read more »

Camp Jekyll

I just got back from 5 days leading worship at ‘Camp Jekyll’, which was a collection of about 12 different Baptist youth ministries… about 500 kids or so. Not so sure how i feel about Jekyll Island itself, but the ministry was great, awesome youth leaders with real hearts for… Read more »