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Pentecost @ The Tabernacle

As we keep drawing closer to the launch of our new church ‘Grace Capital City’ the Grace Family of Churches banded together for one night to celebrate Pentecost at the historic downtown Atlanta venue ‘The Tabernacle’ but also to send and commission the team that will be moving to DC… Read more »


Perfect Love Casts out Fear

I preached one of my last (amongst the last) messages at Grace Midtown before we move to DC. It’s been on a theme that has been incredibly personal and close to my heart over the last year; love and fear. specifically using Peters interactions with Jesus in Mark 8. check… Read more »


Liam Kace Moerman

so he has arrived and our lives are officially never the same, I realize Liams not the first baby anyones had and he certainly won’t be the last, but he’s our first and so for us the seismic shift in our lives cant be overstated. People had told me to… Read more »