Pentecost @ The Tabernacle

As we keep drawing closer to the launch of our new church ‘Grace Capital City’ the Grace Family of Churches banded together for one night to celebrate Pentecost at the historic downtown Atlanta venue ‘The Tabernacle’ but also to send and commission the team that will be moving to DC to launch this new Church. To say I was honored and humbled by the night is a huge understatement, the venue was completely sold out and assuming all the pledges come in we where able to raise $190k to give a solid financial base to this endeavor.

Right now we have around 30 – 35 people who are planning on making the move to DC as part of the launch team, honestly these people are my heroes. From families, to singles, young couples, college graduates and everything in between, each of them are sacrificing a lot and each of them are taking God at his Word, that He has called them and that he will provide what they need. I’m confident God will honor their sacrifice.

Here’s a highlights video of the night and some pics so you can get a sense of how it all went down. If you’re interested in financially contributing to our new Church feel free to follow the ‘give’ links at



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