Superwow Camp

I enjoy the opportunities I get to lead worship at youth camps; for one it’s a break in schedule, a chance to see what God is doing in a whole different group of people and generally a great hang with the band who travel with me, this week at Superwow was certainly no exception. Superwow camps are run by the Georgia Baptist Convention, around 1000 kids and leaders travel from across Georgia to Fort Walton, Florida, where we had 5 days of teaching, worship, discipleship and fun. Nick Person was the camp speaker, great guy, with a powerful message and it was a joy to partner with him. I’ve attached a few images of the week, I do enjoy travel, but I was certainly ready to be home with my wife and little boy by the end of it. Thanks Superwow for a great week!

IMG_4879 IMG_4876 IMG_4867 IMG_4875

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