We are Pioneers

Around Grace Midtown God’s been challenging us with this phrase recently… in Hebrews 12:2 it talks about how Jesus is the ‘Pioneer of our Faith’, He was boldly going into places where the reality on earth did not yet match the reality of Heaven, and if we want to look and live like Jesus then surely we are called to do the same, right?

So we’ve been asking the question of ourselves as Pastors, but also of our whole Church, where are we called to Pioneer? What are the new cities? What are the neighborhoods? What are the cultural strong holds where the Kingdom of God is wanting to break in? What are the places that feel risky, that just maybe God wants to use us to do something magnificent in?

Last Sunday I ┬ápreached my first message back at Midtown, I used the passage in Mark 6: 1-6 where Jesus goes back into the hometown, but doesn’t receive any honor there and is unable to see any miracles happen… I then contrasted that to the next few verses where Jesus begins to send out the 12 Disciples into the ‘other towns’ the edges of His mission… where they are able to see a lot of ministry break out. It’s really easy for us to get comfortable, stagnant and apathetic in our faith… and sometimes God’s call to ‘go’ and to ‘follow’ Him, has not as much to do with what He wants to do through us and a lot more with what He wants to do in us.

Click the link below if you want to watch the message… hope u enjoy!

‘We are Pioneers’ Sermon Link

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