Washington DC

About one month ago my wife and I announced to our church, Grace Midtown, that we would be moving to Washington DC to plant a new community of faith. We would be going as an extension of our church and so even though we won’t be geographically in the same space we’ll very much remain united as part of the same family of faith.

To say this decision hasn’t been made likely feels like an understatement, Jessica and I love our lives in Atlanta, we love our community, we love our church, we love what God has done in and through us in this place and the thought of moving away was not even something we where interested in entertaining. But God had other ideas, as Jess’ career looked to progress it became clear that we where supposed to lead a community of people to a city that isn’t blessed with as many faith communities as Atlanta has been. At Grace Midtown we’ve always had a vision to plant churches in some of the major city centers, places where culture is created, where young professionals move in from around the world and places that have often been under ministered to. I’ve always been excited about that vision, but honestly wasn’t sure if I was willing to give up the awesome community we have to follow God into it. Turns out God wants to move some of that community with us, one of the most exciting things about all of this is that we’re currently working on gathering a community who will move to this new city and help us plant this new church. The thought of being an isolated church planter in DC sounds terrible to me, but going on an adventure with a bunch of awesome guys and girls in a new city is making me come alive!!

Anyway, we’ll be moving sometime during the summer of 2015, there are still so many details to be worked out, no doubt this new adventure is going to become a huge part of the things I post on here. I’m excited and terrified all at once… but I can honestly say I’ve never felt more reliant on the provision of God then I do right now… I think this is exactly where God likes to lead us, into places where we have to trust that if God doesn’t come through for us we have nothing…. it’s putting me on my knees before Him in a really good way.

Here’s a link to the service we announced our move at…. 


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