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Hey guys,

so I figured it was about time I get off my butt and put  a blog post up on my website. you’ll notice through my blogging, that i’m not exactly big on a few things, namely spelling, grammar and punctuation. apologies in advance.

i thought a pretty good place to start would be talking through my new album, ‘Sounds Like Sunset’ and how some of the songs came about. Starting with the song that I guess has been most popular thus far ‘Song of Moses‘.

It’s definitely fair to say that the writing of ‘Song of Moses’ was a long and collective effort, but it all started in my study one monday morning, whilst reading through the book of Exodus. A chapter really stood out to me that day, one that I had read a number of times, but for some reason took on a greater meaning. Exodus 15, ‘The Song of Moses and Miriam’, essentially Moses had just lead the people of Israel across the Red Sea, defeating the armies of Egypt, they become so overwhelmed with this victory that they just began to sing!

They describe the Lord as their strength and song (v2), as a mighty warrior (v3), that his hand has won a great victory for them (v6), and finally declare that the ‘Lord shall reign forever and ever’ (v18). So I began to try and put these words into a song of victory for today, as we live in the fullness of the victory of Jesus Christ. I had some melody ideas and concepts.

I took the song to Pat Barrett and Ben Smith, who are great friends, Worship Pastors at Grace Midtown and incredible song writers. They were sold and had some great ideas for melodies, and how the song should feel, we had a few writing sessions together that really shaped the song. Still we felt it needed more, so we pulled in Aaron Keyes to the process, Aaron is an incredible song writer and the Worship Pastor at Grace Snellville, he had some great ideas, particularly around lyrics and how to incorporate the essence of the Exodus 15 chapter into the song. He also suggested that we send a demo of the song and the lyrics to Graham Kendrick from Kingsway (writer of Shine Jesus Shine.. amongst others) too see if he had any ideas that would take the song to the next level…. apparently he did as he sent us back lots of new ideas for lyrics, that really added a lot of depth and meaning to the song. One line that really stood out to me that Graham wrote was ‘though the storms of Hell pursue’ , such beautiful imagery, I certainly hope I can be half the lyricist Graham is one day.

After a few more group writing sessions with Ben, Pat and Aaron we were finally happy with the result, and definitely felt there was something special on the song.

It’s been a song that each of us has used a lot traveling at camps and different churches, and I’m excited too see the way it’s already touching and moving people.

Oh the Lord, our Strength and Song, Highest Praise, to Him belongs.

Christ the Lord, our conquering King, Your name we raise, Your triumph sings

Praise the Lord, our mighty warrior, Praise the Lord, the glorious one

By his hand, we stand in victory, By his name, we’ve overcome

Though the storms of hell pursue, in darkest night, we worship You

You divide the raging seas, from death to life, You safely lead

All the saints and Angels bow, hosts of heaven are crying out

Glory, Glory, to the King, You reign for all eternity.

The Lord Shall reign forever and ever

If you ever want to buy the full notated sheet music for ‘Song of Moses’ go to

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