Liam Kace Moerman

so he has arrived and our lives are officially never the same, I realize Liams not the first baby anyones had and he certainly won’t be the last, but he’s our first and so for us the seismic shift in our lives cant be overstated. People had told me to be prepared for the most intense rush of emotions you’ve ever felt over the first few weeks (we’re one week in)… and that’s certainly true. I’ve never been as consistently sleep deprived as I am right now but it really is paired with such an intense amount of affection that the sleeplessness seems insignificant. We love him, like crazy crazy love this little guy… even when he cries and keeps us up all hours of the night, our affections are for him, to us he is perfect and we could not be more thankful that God has blessed our family with this addition.

Liam, means protector, apparently the Scots (or Irish, can’t remember) came up with it as a play on the more common English name William… kind of as a way to stick to the English and create their own version. we love the name and now that we’ve met him it suits him so perfectly.

Kace, is a Dutch family name, both my grandfather we’re born in the Netherlands and immigrated to Australia in the 1950′s and both of their names we’re Kace… actually in Dutch spelt Kees. Jessica especially loved the name, and we loved the honor it gives to my amazing Opa’s (both of whom are now with the Lord), but she felt uncomfortable spelling it the Dutch way as no one wold be able to pronounce it, so we made our own little adaptation.

Liam Kace Moerman. Jessica and I know you’re going to give us years of joy, sadness, intense happiness and tears… we pray for your health everyday, for your little body, your little mind, your little heart, but most of all we pray that you would know Jesus. like really know him, not in a religious nonsense kind of way, but in a passionate way that grips your soul… that you would know that he’s already affirmed you and called you his son, and you have his heart and affection, and he longs to have yours.

This is the first song we played after Liam was born in our hospital room, Jessica burst into tears during it (she’s normally not a crier) but it was a holy moment and the words mean a lot to us. It’s called ‘Needle and Thread’ by a band called Sleeping at Last.

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