Does the Resurrection Matter?

So I preached my final message at Grace Athens on Sunday and it was bitter sweet for sure. Such a wonderful community of people… and such a great season of ministry. I’m so excited for the new leaders that will be stepping into that Church and the fruit that is going to come from that, I’m excited to be back at Grace Midtown and to have some fresh vision for the next year… but I really am going to miss my Sunday commutes up to the Classic City!

Being Easter Sunday I focussed on the Resurrection and essentially asked the question, does a literal, physical resurrection of Jesus actually matter? Couldn’t this be a metaphor to convey truth? Or some kind of spiritual resurrection that Jesus went through? It had been a confronting week for me personally as I tried to get to the heart of why I think it is important….. and honestly it felt great to leave the Church in the tension of the question for a while. Mike Young performed an incredible piece of spoken word on the resurrection… he’s super talented and about to release an album of his original spoken word material.. his twitter handle is @mikeyoungpoetry.. check him out.

Anyway, i’ve posted the message from Sunday. I hope it is a blessing to you.

Chris Moerman, ‘Does the Resurrection Matter?’ Grace Athens – 4/20/14



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