A few months ago Matt Reynolds (Pastor at Grace Midtown) came to myself and Rob Kaple and asked us to spend some hours thinking through the summer series that we would teach through at Grace Midtown. When Rob and I finally got together to start planning and dreaming for it we each brought a whole lot of ideas that we started sorting through. The first 2 – 3 hours were spent basically chasing one idea for a while, realizing that it really wasn’t feeling right and then throwing it out. Finally we started talking about David, the depth of his life, the revelation that David had into who God is and the futuristic picture we get of Jesus through David is incredible… it felt like finally we had something to work with!

So we started preaching the David series on May 18th, and will preach it right through to the end of the summer. So far I’ve preached two messages in the series; David the Shepherd and David the Anointed. I’ve included links to both of them for you to check out if you’re interested.

Much much love. chris.

David the Shepherd & David the Anointed 

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