Completely Satisfy

Ok, so blog #2, I thought i’d focus on another song that I’ve used a lot playing around different places, but really is a song that was born out of our local church, Grace Midtown, in Atlanta.

For a few months last year, our church focussed its teachings on working through the book of Ecclesiastes, not an easy task, and certainly not something every church is willing to attempt.

One of the really big things that was continually coming out of the teachings was Solomon’s longing for fulfillment, he had tried absolutely everything: women, money, fame, power and still at the end of his life, as he penned the book of Ecclesiastes was left to declare, Ecclesiastes 1:2 “meaningless, meaningless, everything is meaningless!!” Many have said that Ecclesiastes is essentially Solomons book of regret.

So I began to start pressing into the theme of this searching that is in the hearts of each of us, Paul talks about it in the 17th of chapter of Acts, when he speaks to the Athenians, that there is something in us that causes us to search, something in us that knows that there is more to life out there than just what we see, hear, touch and taste, something that is longing to be ‘completely satisfied’!!

The base scripture for this song is found in Isaiah 55, “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come buy wine and milk without money and without cost.”


I felt like I had some strong melody and lyrical ideas around this idea of thirsting for Jesus, being hungry for more of Him and needing His strength when we are weary. So I took them to Ben Smith and Pat Barrett (worship pastors at Grace Midtown) and again we began to press into this theme, really wanting to highlight the truth that ultimate satisfaction is only found in God, “Only You, completely satisfy”. The final section, bridge if you like, we just wanted to be a really simple cry of the people, longing to drink deeply from all the true living water that Jesus talks about,  “Father we come, we are thirsty!!”

This is definitely a song that our church at Grace Midtown has embraced, its so encouraging the way God has used the song to minister to people who are in a season of spiritual dryness or weariness. More than that, for me personally its a real snapshot of some of the things God was teaching us as a church through Ecclesiastes and hopefully its a blessing to anyone who chooses to use it!!

Come all of you, who are thirsty, Come all of you, who are thirsty

Come to the well, drink from the river of life

Come all of you, who are weary, Come all of you, who are weary

Rest in his love, safe in the arms of life

Only You, completely satisfy. Only You, can bring this heart of mine, to life

In the shadow of Your wings, I find refuge I find peace

Only You, completely satisfy

Come all of you, who are hungry. Come all of you, who are hungry

Come to His table, feast on the bread of life

Father we come. We are thirsty.

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