Summer Discipleship Project

One of the most fruitful discipleship programs we run at Grace Midtown is SDP (Summer Discipleship Project), it’s a 9 week immersion experience for college students. Each year we take about 50 guys and girls away for the summer to Myrtle Beach, SC. they live in community, work jobs and learn how to see the Kingdom come in their work place, their universities and their everyday lives… I’m always amazed at how much God does through it.

The last two weeks I’ve been in Myrtle Beach looking after the community, while Drew McClure and his wife took some vacation time. I think one of my favorite parts of the summer is seeing the students learn how to live in deep community, the project is long enough that the ‘real stuff’ of their lives starts to come to the surface and is able to be dealt with… working through issues of unity, forgiveness, tolerance and ultimately love… I’m always reminded of Jesus’ prayer to the Father in John 17, which basically says that when brothers and sisters live together in love the world will begin to see the glory of God.

We bring in all sorts of different teachers, lecturers and leaders to share with the students, but honestly the more years we run this project the more I am convinced that learning to live in honor and  unity with one another is the greatest fruit that we harvest. Psalm 133 РA Unified community is a Blessed community!!

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