Alive Fest 2012 Update

Hey guys, well we just finished up Friday at the Alive Festival here in Mineral City, Ohio. We’ve had an amazing time so far, met a lot of great people, got to listen to some really talented artists and have seen God do some great stuff already.

on the way up we had some tire problems in the van, had an extraordinarily nice policeman help us out, our spare wouldn’t fit, all the shops where closed, and he basically convinced a store to reopen at about 10pm just so we could get a tire changed. an answer to prayer for sure.

Each day we’ve been leading worship at the beach stage, which has been awesome, a great way to start each morning. I preached yesterday afternoon, on the difference between defining your faith by what you don’t do, or defining your faith by who God is. It’s a simple paradigm shift but an important one for sure. We’ll be leading again tomorrow morning, and then making the long drive back to Atlanta. the organizers here at Alive are amazing, very real, appreciative and have made our stay here great.

i’ve attached a couple of pics of this mornings worship to give you a taste of whats going on. Kingdom Come.

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